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Cow Parsley by Sian Kibblewhite (using Lutradur)

by Ruth Morgan | March 15, 2018 | Posted in Lutradur

Sian is an accomplished textile artist, who specialises in fabric landscapes and takes her inspiration from natural colours and textures. Last summer we featured two pieces of her work on our website, namely ‘Misty Morning’ and ‘Hedgerow’. Here we showcase examples of her work using a new technique Sian learnt at a workshop, featuring white and black Lutradur. In her own words, Sian describes how she made these pictures –- “The background of these two pieces is made of felt using a graduated grey palette. The merino fibres have been carded to get the right mix of colours and then wet felted to achieve the […]

A bit of fun for Halloween . . .

by Ruth Morgan | October 12, 2017 | Posted in Lutradur

Myrtle is a friendly witch Who lives amongst the trees She likes to ride her broomstick But it plays havoc with her knees Sometimes she likes to stay at home (When her knees are very sore) By making, not spells and potions, But things from Lutradur! Lutradur is a fabulously versatile fabric and remember Lutradur Black is ideal for Halloween crafts as there is no need to colour it when making bats (as illustrated), cats or witches’ hats. If you would like more information about any of the articles featured on our blog post or to request a free sample please do not hesitate […]

Wall Hanging created by Heather Tilley using Lutradur

by Ruth Morgan | April 19, 2016 | Posted in Lutradur

Hollyhocks by Heather Tilley This image of was sent to us by the artist Heather Tilley.  It is a 140cm high wall hanging and, we think you will agree, it is an exceptional piece of decorative art. Heather painted the white Lutradur to create the stalks, buds and some of the leaves using fabric paint. For the background she used Lutradur Black, with layers of two different types of blue nylon lace for the sky and black and purple lace for the lower section. If you would like to try working with Lutradur, please contact us or visit our online shop. Artist:  Heather […]

Lutradur Landscapes by Sheila Dalgleish

by Ruth Morgan | January 15, 2016 | Posted in Lutradur

Sheila Dalgleish – an introduction Although Sheila Dagleish has received no formal art training, she has a passion for all forms of textile work, including embroidery, cross stitch, goldwork, tapestry weaving and quilting. In later years she discovered art quilting and as you will see from the images below, she has developed an impressive talent and style. Her all-time inspiration is landscape and here we feature just three examples of her art using Lutradur. Sheila has taken part in several exhibitions, but in 2015 she had her first solo exhibition in Edinburgh, entitled ‘North’.  We hope you are as impressed as we are with the […]

Lutradur – Halloween Bats

by Ruth Morgan | October 13, 2015 | Posted in Evolon, Lutradur

How to Make Bats from Lutradur Black For this year’s Halloween, I decided to make some bats to decorate our home. I chose Lutradur Black for this project as it’s lightweight, semi transparent (rather like the wings of a real bat) and it does not tear or fray, plus it holds its shape beautifully. Each bat is made from a double layer of Lutradur Black, stitched across the top, with extra stitching to represent the spines of the wings; then two small oval pieces of material (either Lutradur Black or painted Evolon) one for the top and one for the underside to form the […]