Evolon product technique heat distressing

Evolon product technique heat distressing

Evolon Product Techniques using heat distressing

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IMG_0383MOD All of the techniques that can be applied to Lutradur can be applied to Evolon, but because of the slightly different composition of fibres, Evolon will resist heat a little more and your working method adapted accordingly.

Using a Heat Tool on Evolon

Evolon can be stamped with paints and various mediums with either a stencil or foam stamps. Any heat distressing techniques can be applied whilst the fabric and paints are still wet. Using a heat tool to achieve holes in the fabric requires a little more effort and patience compared to Lutradur. Heat should be applied from a heat tool fairly close to the fabric surface, but holes will appear very slowly – a little practice will help you to develop this skill. * We always recommend us of a face mask in a well ventilated area when distressing Lutradur or Evolon