Lutradur Landscapes by Sheila Dalgleish

Sheila Dalgleish – an introduction

Although Sheila Dagleish has received no formal art training, she has a passion for all forms of textile work, including embroidery, cross stitch, goldwork, tapestry weaving and quilting. In later years she discovered art quilting and as you will see from the images below, she has developed an impressive talent and style. Her all-time inspiration is landscape and here we feature just three examples of her art using Lutradur. Sheila has taken part in several exhibitions, but in 2015 she had her first solo exhibition in Edinburgh, entitled ‘North’.  We hope you are as impressed as we are with the energy and vibrancy of her work!

On the Road to Dunvegan

An image of part of Cuillin mountain range in the background, against a vivid blue sky. In the middle and foreground a turquoise loch, surrounded by the reeds represented by machine stitching.

On the Road to Dunvegan – Sheila Dalgleish

Sheila created ‘On the Road to Dunvegan’ by cutting the basic shapes from Lutradur Black, which she attached to the background and then stitched. The small circles were made using a soldering iron to melt the Lutradur, whereas the reeds in the foreground have been stitched.  

Loch Linnhe Mountainside

A picture based on wavy lines to suggest hills and valleys. The shapes of the hill are decorated with circles and squares cut into the Lutradur which is softly coloured in shades of blue, pink, yellow and mauve.

Loch Linnhe Mountainside – Sheila Dalgleish

In ‘Loch Linnhe Mountainside’ the aim was to create the impression of a landscape and mountains, simply by cutting holes in a piece of Lutradur. The inspiration for this piece was loosely based on a photograph of Loch Linnhe, when the sun was shining and the contrasts were strong. For this piece of work, the Lutradur has been coloured using a watery solution of acrylic paint, then the basic lines have been stitched to hold the Lutradur in position.  A series of shapes and patterns were then created by using a soldering iron and further machine stitching ensured the pieces stayed securely in place.  

Portree Bay

White mountains and foreground, against a dark blue/purple sky and suggestion of two streams leading to a lake in the middle ground.

Portree Bay – Sheila Dalgleish

In ‘Portree Bay’ Sheila wanted to suggest water leading into more water. The basic shapes of the mountains were cut from white Lutradur, stitched to a dark base fabric. The pebble patterns and seaweed shapes in the foreground were stitched and then ‘cut back’ using a fine soldering iron. If you would like to learn more about Sheila and her work, why not visit her website – or or Facebook: Sheila Dalgleish – Textile Artist. If you have successfully used any of our materials, namely Lutradur, Evolon or Zeelon and would like your work to be featured on our Blog, please contact us at for more information. It would be great to hear from you!  

by Ruth Morgan | January 15, 2016 | Posted in Lutradur