Cow Parsley by Sian Kibblewhite (using Lutradur)

Sian is an accomplished textile artist, who specialises in fabric landscapes and takes her inspiration from natural colours and textures. Last summer we featured two pieces of her work on our website, namely ‘Misty Morning’ and ‘Hedgerow’. Here we showcase examples of her work using a new technique Sian learnt at a workshop, featuring white and black Lutradur.

A picture in relief of two images of cow parsley, one black and one white on a grey background

Border 7: Cow Parsley by Sian Kibblewhite

In her own words, Sian describes how she made these pictures –-

“The background of these two pieces is made of felt using a graduated grey palette. The merino fibres have been carded to get the right mix of colours and then wet felted to achieve the uneven edges. I had a thermofax screen made from my own Cow Parsley drawings and used these to screen print on to a piece of white Lutradur and a piece of black, using a 3D medium. The print is allowed to dry and then heated which causes the three-dimensional medium to puff up and the Lutradur to melt. You are then creating a skeleton of the plant shape by melting the Lutradur. This is then attached to the background by free machine embroidery. Hope this explains the process which I learnt on a workshop so I cannot be credited with the technique.” – Sian Kibblewhite
A relief picture of two stems of cow parsley, one black and one white on a grey background

Border 9: Cow Parsley by Sian Kibblewhite


by Ruth Morgan | March 15, 2018 | Posted in Lutradur
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