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Zeelon – available in THREE different weights

Three pieces of Zeelon in varying degrees of thickness, fanned out against a dark blue background.

Samples of Zeelon Light, Medium and Heavy

Do you like textile art? Have you tried working with Zeelon?

Zeelon is great for creating brilliant effects, because it has a soft, smooth finish and you can see through it. At first, you might think it looks like Lutradur, but because of its much finer fibres it has a more even appearance and the drape effect of a conventional cloth.

Just like Lutradur, Zeelon will not tear or fray and is very strong. It can be painted, printed, dyed, sewn and also distressed. Its fine translucent properties make it great for layering or where light transmission is required.

Best of all, it colours beautifully as this sample of transfer painted Zeelon Light shows to great effect!

A multicoloured 'ball' of Zeelon Light to illustrate how well it takes colour.

Transfer painting on to Zeelon produces vibrant iridescent colour, which can be intensified by bunching or folding the fabric

Free samples are available on request,  or alternatively, all three weights are available from our online shop





Coffee Cup Sleeve by Wendy Cotterill

A red paper coffee cup, decorated with a yellow band of Evolon Soft with parallet lines of machine stitching running from top to bottom and decorated with reddish flowers made out of Zeelon Heavy with tiny yellow beads in their centres.

So pretty, yet so practical!

Many coffee shops wrap paper coffee cups with a sleeve to prevent burning your hand, so open out one of these sleeves to use as a template and cut two pieces of Evolon Soft, allowing a 1cm seam allowance all round.

Stitch the two pieces together leaving a gap and turn it inside out. Press to complete and machine stitch parallel lines with normal sewing thread.

Create either a button and buttonhole to join the two ends, or better still, use some hook and loop (Velcro) tape or pads.

This sleeve has been decorated with flowers made out of Zeelon Heavy, which have been  painted and then cut out using a soldering iron. The flowers have then been attached using small beads and French knots.

Wendy Cotterill

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Poppies by Wendy Cotterill – Textile Art Teacher

Five red poppies with black painted centres on a white canvas background

The Zeelon fibres make the petals look very realistic.

Beautiful poppies made using Zeelon Heavy

To make the poppies, Wendy printed a paper template for the petals. She then placed a piece of Zeelon Heavy into an embroidery hoop and painted the Zeelon a lovely scarlet red.

When the Zeelon was dry, she placed the hoop directly over the paper template and, keeping the hoop completely flat, carefully cut out several flowers using a soldering iron.

To complete each bloom, Wendy used some black watercolour paint to dab into the centres as shown in the photograph below. A helpful tip from Wendy, is not to overload the paintbrush as Zeelon is very absorbent!

A close up photograph of the centre of a poppy showing how the black painted centre has 'bled' into the base of the red petals.

See how the black paint has merged into the base of the petals giving a realistic softness

If you would like to see more of Wendy’s work, you can visit her website at

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Tropical Fish using Zeelon Heavy

A black, yellow and white striped Moorfish made out of Zeelon Heavy, with transparent blue fins and a bright sequin eyes.

Brightly coloured tropical fish are fun to make

Let’s go fishing . . .

These little fish have been made from Zeelon Heavy and then hung on invisible thread inside a deep frame. The water and fins have been made from scraps of Zeelon Light which has been transfer painted in various shades of blue and green.

We made ours to life size proportions (2 inches or 5 cms from nose to tail), so from a distance they look quite realistic!

To make –

  1. Find a picture of a fish from a book or the internet, copy and print the image on to paper and colour with transfer paints.
  2. Iron the image on to a piece of Zeelon Heavy and cut out carefully. Do this again to create a  a front and a back piece. (The transfer paint will pass through the Zeelon to colour the reverse side, but the colour will not be as vivid)
  3. Either machine stitch or glue the two sides together. We only machine stitched the fish at the base of the tail and in front of the eye. (It is not necessary to sew all the sides, as Zeelon Heavy will keep its shape and won’t fray).
  4. Sew on sequins to represent the eyes.
  5. Make a small incision near the front of the fish and thread a thin piece of Zeelon light through to the other side – enough to make a fin on both sides.
  6. Push a small amount of stuffing into the body and your fish is complete!

You can make just one or two fish or enough for an entire aquarium!

All 3 weights of Zeelon are available from our online shop




Ruth Lee – Textile Artist

‘Tomorrow at Daybreak’ by Ruth Lee
 (created using Zeelon Heavy)

A flock of swallow silhouettes cut out of a top layer of blue coloured Zeelon, to reveal the white background underneath.

Tomorrow at Daybreak by Ruth Lee

As part of our commitment to showcase the work of accomplished textile artists, we are pleased to feature a piece by Ruth Lee.

Ruth was inspired to create this exceptional example of textile art after observing migrating birds.  The swallows have been laser cut out of Zeelon Heavy, which has been dyed a beautiful royal blue. The blue Zeelon has then been layered over a white background to create a three-dimensional effect, emphasising the free flight of the birds over the ever-changing landscape.

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