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Evolon is a totally new and unique material from the manufacturers of Lutradur, it is a white microfilament fabric which is extremely strong, but soft like traditional fabric.

Due to its structure, it is ideal to use as a base cloth for any kind of stitch, it is robust, doesn’t fray and quilts beautifully, giving an interesting textural effect. It is rather similar to a very short piled velvet, but much easier to work with.  It can be burned with a soldering iron- to give the impression of broderie anglaise or cut work.

Like Lutradur it is possible to use just about any type of paint to colour Evolon, and is suitable for use with a wide range of dyes, and dyeing processes.

An Easter Hat made from Lutradur XL and Evolon

by Ruth Morgan | March 15, 2024 | Posted in Evolon, Lutradur

A couple of years ago, our local nursery ran an ‘Easter Bonnet’ competition, so we decided to make a simple top hat for our little chap’s entry. We chose Lutradur XL as the base for our hat, as it is strong enough to support itself, without any stiffening. After measuring our model’s head (52cms in circumference) we cut a rectangular piece 18cms high x 59cms wide. The extra length provided a good overlap as well as extra support. We then cut an oval ring shape for the brim, also out of Lutradur XL. Using transfer paint, we lightly coloured […]

Evolon & Evolon Soft – for making Romantic Rose Decorations for Valentine’s Day

by Ruth Morgan | January 26, 2024 | Posted in Evolon

Evolon is ideal for crafting as it colours well, does not tear or fray and holds its shape beautifully. Our photographs show how these Evolon roses can be used to create a centre piece, a symbolic single stem, or to decorate a card.  How to Make the Roses . . . Best of all, these roses will last a lot longer than the fresh variety!

Lutradur Crowns & Coronets to celebrate the Coronation of King Charles III

by Ruth Morgan | April 14, 2023 | Posted in Evolon, Lutradur

The coronation is only a few weeks away and, if you’re planning any sort of get together or street party, you may like to get into the spirit of the occasion with some suitable headgear. We used Lutradur 130gsm to make these crowns – it is much stronger than paper or card, yet wonderfully flexible. Transfer paints were used to colour the Lutradur (although acrylic paints would have worked equally well). We chose Golden Yellow for the basic crown and Scarlet and Vivid Blue for the large decorative spots. Using the same basic template as above, we made a second crown, but this […]

Evolon & Lutradur Carrot Bunting for Easter

by Ruth Morgan | April 5, 2023 | Posted in Evolon, Lutradur

These Evolon carrots are filled with dry rice, which gives them a realistic weight and knobbly feel. Evolon is a superb material for craft projects, such as this, as it can be dyed, cut, embroidered, glued, painted and machine stitched, plus it doesn’t tear or fray! If you would like to know more about Evolon and Lutradur or any of our other materials, please do not hesitate to contact us. Samples are available on request. We would love to hear from you!

Valentine’s Day Gift Idea – Made with Evolon & Love!

by Ruth Morgan | February 7, 2023 | Posted in Evolon

LOVE MAYBE IN THE AIR THIS FEBRUARY – BUT NO-ONE LIKES A DRAUGHT With so many of us trying to keep warm this winter, why not make your home extra cosy with a colourful draught excluder? We used a piece of Evolon (which had previously been dyed a gorgeous shade of dark blue) to make the basic sausage shape, but a remnant could work well, or even the leg from an old pair of trousers! The letters and hearts were also cut from a piece of Evolon which, as it doesn’t fray or require any hemming, is ideal for this type […]

Evolon for Christmas Cards – by Lyn Kirkland

by Ruth Morgan | November 16, 2022 | Posted in Evolon

These delightful images were sent into us by Lyn Kirkland – a Painter, Tutor, Encaustic Wax and Mixed Media Artist. Lyn contacted us a few weeks ago to order some Evolon. As a new customer and accomplished artist, our curiosity got the better of us and we just had to ask how she was going to use the Evolon. We weren’t disappointed! She found the Evolon really great for printing, using wax collograph plates and said it was her intention to embed some prints in a wax surface. However, for now, she’s just happy making some Christmas cards, with […]

Evolon Ghosts for Halloween

by Ruth Morgan | October 7, 2022 | Posted in Evolon

We made this decorative mobile using a couple of wire coathangers, some invisible thread and half a dozen cheeky little ghosts made from Evolon. (Evolon, is a white non woven fabric, which has a suede like texture. It is easy to cut and handles like thick paper, it also does not tear or fray – samples are available on request.) After making a cardboard template, we drew and cut two pieces of Evolon per ghost and machine stitched them together, leaving the bottom section open. A small amount of wadding was then pushed inside to give each ghost a […]

How to Colour Lutradur, Evolon (or Zeelon) using Transfer Paints

by Ruth Morgan | March 16, 2022 | Posted in Evolon, Lutradur, Zeelon

You can colour Lutradur, Evolon or Zeelon using transfer paints and a hot iron. Our short video demonstrates how easy it is to create vibrant colours. This method of painting is a great technique for transferring single colours, designs or images from paper on to any of our fabrics.  Paint a piece of paper with transfer paint directly from the pot. (Use one colour per sheet, as colours can be blended at the ironing stage). Allow the paint to dry thoroughly and don’t worry if the paper curls, as it will unfurl when ironed. Place the paper, paint side down on to the Lutradur, […]

Evolon Roses for Valentines Day

by Ruth Morgan | February 4, 2022 | Posted in Evolon

Why not add a touch of romance to your Valentine’s Day by making these lovely Evolon roses Evolon is a white non-woven material which is ideal for crafting as it colours well, does not tear or fray and holds its shape beautifully. Our photographs show how the roses can be used, from a single symbolic stem, to a simple centre piece or to decorate a card. How to Make the Rose Petals You can, of course, add sepals and leaves to each rose by colouring some Evolon with green acrylic or transfer paint. We also used some thin garden wire to represent the […]

Lutradur, Evolon & Zeelon Halloween Puppet Theatre

by Ruth Morgan | October 18, 2021 | Posted in Evolon, Lutradur, Zeelon

We had a lot of fun putting this Halloween scene together and think it is possibly the first project where we have used all three of our materials, i.e. Lutradur, Evolon and Zeelon. Evolon provided the perfect screen, which we stapled as taut as possible to the sides of a large sturdy box.  The clouds of cobwebs around the house and pumpkins were formed by teasing apart the fibres of some Zeelon Light. Everything else was made with Lutradur. We began by searching the internet for images of witches, spooky trees, haunted houses, bats etc. and then printed them to the desired size. Here’s […]