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Lutradur Pumpkins with Evolon Stalks


Why not add a touch of atmosphere to your Halloween celebrations this year with these pumpkins made out of Lutradur and Evolon?

We used a set of battery operated fairy lights to illuminate our display (£2.50 from Wilkinsons including batteries) and we hope you like the effect as much as we do.

Just imagine how attractive they would look softly glowing in a hall window on a dark and spooky October evening . . .

Three orange pumpkins made out of Lutradur and Evolon, resting on straw and illuminated by battery operatd fairy lights.

For a different effect, the pumpkins could be displayed like lanterns.

To make the pumpkins we coloured some Lutradur 70gms with orange transfer paint and then drew a circle for each pumpkin using a compass.  Keeping the compass at the same radius (and remembering some school geometry!) we divided each circle into six ‘petals’  which resembled a flower when cut out.

For added interest, some surplus strips of Lutradur were machine stitched to each segment, before joining all the outer tips together to form the pumpkins.

The stalks and tops were made out Evolon which we coloured using green transfer paint. A narrow strip of Evolon was tightly rolled to form each stalk and made long enough to pass all the way through the pumpkin. This helped to pull all the sections together and create a nice bulbous shape.

If you have any questions about this project, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Coffee Cup Sleeve by Wendy Cotterill

A red paper coffee cup, decorated with a yellow band of Evolon Soft with parallet lines of machine stitching running from top to bottom and decorated with reddish flowers made out of Zeelon Heavy with tiny yellow beads in their centres.

So pretty, yet so practical!

Many coffee shops wrap paper coffee cups with a sleeve to prevent burning your hand, so open out one of these sleeves to use as a template and cut two pieces of Evolon Soft, allowing a 1cm seam allowance all round.

Stitch the two pieces together leaving a gap and turn it inside out. Press to complete and machine stitch parallel lines with normal sewing thread.

Create either a button and buttonhole to join the two ends, or better still, use some hook and loop (Velcro) tape or pads.

This sleeve has been decorated with flowers made out of Zeelon Heavy, which have been  painted and then cut out using a soldering iron. The flowers have then been attached using small beads and French knots.

Wendy Cotterill

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An Easter Bouquet using Evolon and Lutradur

Pale yellow daffodil with an orange centre, surrounded by other white and yellow daffodil type flowers.

We used two fluted pastry cutters as templates for some of our daffodils.

Bright orange daffodil type flower with yellow inner petals and orange centre.

Transfer paints create vibrant colours to help make a stunning display.

Daffodils always seem to herald the start of Spring and are a source of joy and colour at Easter.

Our  flowers were made using transfer painted Evolon attached to green garden sticks. The leaves are made from strips of Lutradur 100gsm, which has also been transfer painted.

We made these over a year ago using fluted pastry cutters as templates and they still look just as bright and cheerful!

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Hearts and Flowers for Valentine’s Day

Red roses made from transfer painted Evolon  . . . .

The corrugated card, soft Evolon rose and thin green wire combine to give this Valentine card lots of textural interest.

A red Evolon rose peeping out of a square cut hole in the middle of a red Valentine's card.

Valentine Card with a single rose made from transfer painted Evolon.

A few roses and a scattering of green leaves (all made from transfer painted Evolon) add a romantic touch to our table centrepiece.

Two large cream candles with red Evolon roses and green Evolon leaves standing on a dark slate tile.








Messages of love in Lutradur . . .

Bunting is always a great way of celebrating any occasion and is really quick and easy to make using Lutradur, as it does not tear or fray.

We’ve used Lutradur 100gms for this project and coloured it with acrylic paint.


Bunting flags in red with black lettering with the message 'Be My Valentine'.

Wishing all our customers and followers a very happy Valentine’s Day from all at Spunart.

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Christmas Elf Hat

Little boy wearing a dark green t-shirt, light green elf's hat with a red brim and matching pointy collar. Same little boy, playing with the bell on his elf's hat.

Elf Hat (& Collar) made from Evolon

If you need to dress up a little person (or a big person) for a Christmas or Fancy Dress party, Evolon is an ideal material to use. It is easy to dye and cut to shape and best of all it doesn’t require any hemming.

Our little Elf is going to a party later this week and we were able to make this hat and matching collar out of some Evolon which we had previously dyed.

He found the bell a little distracting, so we decided to take it off, but otherwise he seemed more than happy with his new hat! To reward our little model we gave him some chocolate money from the Advent calendar, which he seemed to enjoy.

Same little boy, holding a chocolate penny up to the camera.

With best wishes to all our customers for a peaceful
Christmas and a very Happy New Year!

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