Lutradur heat distressing 2

Lutradur heat distressing 2

Technique for Lutradur using a soldering iron

Why not try this…

applying heat to burn holes in fabric

Using a craft soldering iron (18 watt max) Lutradur can be cut very easily into shapes or sections. The edges of the Lutradur will thicken very slightly but will also intensify any pre-colouring with dyes.

Cutting with a Soldering Iron

Because Lutradur is produced using spun polyester fibres, a craft soldering iron will cut though the fibres with little or no resistance. In addition, because of the random formation of the polyester fibres, the craft iron can be used to etch through partial thicknesses to form marks on the surface. This can prove to be particularly effective when laying a lighter weight of Lutradur or Zeelon over the distressed material. * We always recommend us of a face mask in a well ventilated area when distressing Lutradur or Evolon