Lutradur colouring 1

Lutradur colouring 1

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Colouring Lutradur with Sublimation (Transfer) Dyes

Sublimation (transfer) dyes are suitable for surface colouring Lutradur. These dyes are painted on to paper and then transferred by ironing the dye onto the surface. They are also available in crayon form.

Transfer Dyes are available as powders or pre mixed liquid dyes and very simple to use. Take several sheets of copier paper and paint each one with a single colour or a mixture of colours and leave them to thoroughly dry.

You can then use the sheet of paper either as a single sheet ot tear them into strips to colour mix in a very straightforward way.

Place the pieces of coloured paper face down on to your Lutradur and cover the whole assembly with another large piece of paper or a piece of baking parchment. This will protect both your iron and the Lutradur from coming into contact with each other, as Lutradur will melt on to the plate of the iron.

You need your iron to be either medium hot or hot and slowly press and gently move the iron across the assembled papers. The ‘linger’ time will vary but usually a minimum of 20 seconds – this is why you need to keep your iron moving or you will create an imprint of the sole of the iron onto your fabric!

When finished, peel away all of the papers. Each piece you do will be different but with practice you will be able to create some great results.

You can also use transfers dyes as a paint and heat set them onto the surface of the Lutradur for a completely different watercolour effect.

Colourcraft are suppliers of a wide range of fabric dyes, Brusho, and Markal Paint sticks, ideal for use with Lutradur.