Lutradur colouring 2

Lutradur colouring 2

Product techniques

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Colouring Lutradur with paints

colouring in flowers

Applying paint is a more direct approach than using the transfer dye method (although it is not a good idea to use solvent based products as these may react with the fibres and melt over time).

It’s also important to remember that Lutradur cannot absorb any form of liquid and any paint applied will simply dry on to the surface.

You can paint Lutradur with acrylic paints, Setacolor, Markal sticks, inks or Koh-I-noor.

Acrylic paints are widely available and can be applied directly with a brush, but for a more subtle effect why not try thinning them with water and then spraying the Lutradur (using an old household spray bottle) with the diluted paint to give a soft wash of colour.