Lutradur colouring 2

Lutradur colouring 2

Product techniques

colouring in picture of beach hutsWhy not try this…

Colouring Lutradur with paints

If it works on cloth, it’ll work on Lutradur! If you use thick paint, you will lose the see through nature of the cloth. Better to work with washes of paint. Water based paints work best. As Lutradur cannot absorb any form of liquid the paint will then dry onto the surface of the fabric. This method will produce a more subtle effect than dyeing.

Painting Lutradur

Applying paint is a more direct approach than using the transfer dye method but can use anything that comes to hand, although it is not a good idea to use solvent based products as it may react with the fibres and melt over time.

Painting Lutradur with Acryric Paints

You can paint Lutradur with acrylic paints, Setacolor, watercolour sticks, inks or Koh-i-noor Thin acrylics with water in a jar and spray a soft wash over it with the spray unit of an old household spray bottle, colours will melt together . Intensify colour with Markal sticks
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