About Spunart

About Spunart

Background to Spunart

We have been successfully supplying Lutradur for industrial applications for over 30 years, primarily to the car, filtration and construction sectors.

It was only when a well established embroiderer and quilter in the U.S discovered Lutradur around 2005, (possibly via a friend who used it at their place of work), decided to colour and stitch into this unique non woven material.

During this period we quickly spotted a new opportunity and therefore started to introduce this to a range of quilters, artists, and embroiderers throughout UK and the rest of Europe.

What is Lutradur?

Lutradur is a spunbonded polyester nonwoven material. Polyester granules are heated, and when in a liquid form, forced at very high speed through a multitude of very small holes called spinnerets. The ‘candy floss’ type material is then laid onto a moving conveyor belt, in a width of around 4 metres, and then passed between two heavy heated steel rollers, cooled and wound into very long rolls.

One important factor in our introducing Lutradur into this sector is the need to have the material cut into manageable widths and roll lengths – i.e. available in 100cm x 100cm pieces up to, 10 linear, 50 linear and sometimes 100 linear metre rolls

Following this, we then decided to add a variety of weights of Lutradur in addition to the original Lutradur 70.

Next came Lutradur 30, Lutradur 100, Lutradur 130, and then heaviest of all Lutradur XL, before finally introducing Lutradur 25.

Increasing our Range Evolon – Zeelon

Because of our experience in working with non woven materials, we went on the recognise further opportunities with other similar, (but different) materials.
During 2007 we trialed another spunbonded material that we had already been selling for over 7 years, called Evolon.

When Marion Barnett, (a well know quilter and artist) received the sample she was, to say the least excited about this lovely soft and absorbent nonwoven
material. Likening Evolon Soft to a piece of soft suede.

We therefore went onto market Evolon and Evolon Soft, throughout Europe and also into the U.S.

What is Evolon?

Evolon is produced using a similar method to Lutradur, however after the spinning process each fibre is then split, into 8 identical segments, before being
laid onto the conveyor belt. This means that the fibres are extremely fine, (microfibres) which is one of the reasons why Evolon is so soft.

Whilst Evolon is produced using Polyester granules, there is also a percentage of Polyamide (Nylon) added, which is one of the reasons as to why Evolon has such wonderful absorbency.

Zeelon the Newcomer

A few years later, we wanted to offer our customers something different and exciting, so we introduced a totally new material, which we branded Zeelon (our own registered
name), in three weights – ZeelonLight, Medium and Heavy. Zeelon has become extremely popular thanks to its smooth, translucent finish and is only available from Spunart as well as a few of our distributors.

Our Innovative approach

Here at Spunart we’ve managed to keep up with our customers’ changing needs and eagerness to seek new materials. We now offer Lutradur, Evolon and Zeelon for all sorts of creative projects (for inspiration have a look at our blog).

We still source Lutradur and Evolon from the same manufacturer we’ve worked with for many years and we continue to provide a peronl service to all our customers.

The fabrics are stored in our well stocked warehouse in Derby – where we keep every material and every weight in supply – and are sent out within 48 hours of receiving a request.

To place an order, please visit our Online Shop.