Lutradur – Halloween Bats

How to Make Bats from Lutradur Black

Lutradur Black fabric bat with outstretched wings defined by black machine stitching, grey body and wide white eyes with black pupils.

This cheeky little bat won’t scare anyone, but will hopefully raise a smile!

For this year’s Halloween, I decided to make some bats to decorate our home. I chose Lutradur Black for this project as it’s lightweight, semi transparent (rather like the wings of a real bat) and it does not tear or fray, plus it holds its shape beautifully. Each bat is made from a double layer of Lutradur Black, stitched across the top, with extra stitching to represent the spines of the wings; then two small oval pieces of material (either Lutradur Black or painted Evolon) one for the top and one for the underside to form the body; and then finally, a little piece of Evolon or white felt to make the eyes, which have just been coloured in with a black biro.

Here’s how to make them –

Materials –

A4 sheet of Lutradur Black (one sheet per bat) Cardboard or paper for making the template Pen Scissors Black thread Sewing machine or invisible glue Evolon or left over Lutradur Black to the make the body Evolon or white felt for the eyes

Method –

  1. Fold the A4 piece of Lutradur Black in half lengthways and cut along the fold to give two identical narrow, oblong pieces.
  2. Fold the two pieces in half.
  3. Taking your card or paper, make a template the same size as the folded Lutradur.
  4. On your card, draw a small triangle for the ear, followed by an upward curve for the top of the wing, then a gentle sweeping downward curve to the wing tip, followed by four smaller curves along the lower edge, ending with a point for the bottom of the body.
  5. Using your template, cut out two identical bat shapes and machine stitch, or glue the two pieces together across the top. (If you do not have a sewing machine, the characteristic spines on the wings can either be painted or drawn on to the fabric).
  6. Using the Lutradur offcuts, or other fabric, cut out two oval pieces of material to represent the body and glue or stitch one on the top and one on the underside of the bat.
  7. Taking a small piece of Evolon or white felt, draw two small circles just touching one another. (I drew round the bottom of a pencil to make my bat’s eyes).
  8. Cut out the eyes and draw a black dot in the middle of each eye and glue on to your bat.
  9. Finally, when your bats are complete, why not hang them by some thread around your door, ready for the Trick or Treaters!
Happy Halloween from all at Spuart! To order Lutradur Black visit our online shop Tel: 01332 554610            

by Ruth Morgan | October 13, 2015 | Posted in Evolon, Lutradur