Wall Hanging created by Heather Tilley using Lutradur

Hollyhocks by Heather Tilley

Hollyhock stems with pink and red flowers against a light blue sky and dark foreground

Hollyhocks painted using Lutradur 70 and Lutradur 70 Black

This image of was sent to us by the artist Heather Tilley.  It is a 140cm high wall hanging and, we think you will agree, it is an exceptional piece of decorative art. Heather painted the white Lutradur to create the stalks, buds and some of the leaves using fabric paint. For the background she used Lutradur Black, with layers of two different types of blue nylon lace for the sky and black and purple lace for the lower section. If you would like to try working with Lutradur, please contact us or visit our online shop. Artist:  Heather Tilley (Heather Tilley holds the copyright for all of her designs)

by Ruth Morgan | April 19, 2016 | Posted in Lutradur