Lutradur printing with an inkjet printer

Lutradur printing with an inkjet printer

Product techniques

Printing onto heavier weights of Lutradur

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Printing with an inkjet printer?

The heavier weights of Lutradur can be run through the printer without backing paper; however, because of the structure of the material, some of the ink is inevitably lost. The lighter weights can be run through attached to freezer paper; again, the lighter the paper, the greater the ink loss. However experimentation with your printer settings is worthwhile. It is not advisable to put Lutradur through a laser printer as the fusing unit to set the toner operates at around 200C and Lutradur will melt.

Printing Lutradur using an Inkjet Printer

Lutradur will not absorb fluids such as inkjet inks, so you may need to investigate the possibility of using a medium to stabilize the ink onto the surface of the fabric. The example shown has been printed with black only ink to highlight the detail which can be achieved onto the surface of Lutradur. Inkjet printed surfaces are not suitable for repeated washing.

Useful tips

  • Investigate your printer settings – usually via your print dialog box
  • Carry out test prints first
  • Use freezer paper or a heat set adhesive paper to carry lighter weights of fabric through a printer.
  • Newer more advanced inkjet printers use pigment based inks which will not run in water or fade with age.
  • Black only images give more contrast.
  • Place printed Lutradur over stronger coloured fabric for a highlighted effect.