Lutradur heat distressing 1

Lutradur heat distressing 1

Technique for Lutradur Heat Distressing using a heat gun

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IMG_0361MOD To create a great effect it is possible to use a heat tool, sometimes referred to as a heat gun. Such craft tools are generally low wattage and not to be confused with a paint-stripper heat gun.

Melting Lutradur with a heat gun

It is preferable to use a lower speed heat tool which will easily melt the lighter weights of Lutradur, but may take a little longer to penetrate the heavier weights. The effect can prove to be very satisfying. The slower speed will also allow you to control the rate at which the non-woven melts. Any heat distressing techniques can be applied whilst the fabric and paints are still wet. Using such a tool to achieve holes in the material requires a little more effort and patience. Heat should be applied from a heat tool fairly close to the surface of the Lutradur, but holes will appear very slowly – a little practice will help you develop this skill. Recommend: Spunbonded Textile & Stitch – Lutradur, Evolon, and other distressables by Wendy Cotterill. Published by Batsford * We always recommend us of a face mask in a well ventilated area when distressing Lutradur or Evolon