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How to Transfer Colours on to Lutradur, Evolon and Zeelon

by Ruth Morgan | September 4, 2015 | Posted in Evolon, Lutradur, Zeelon

Colouring Lutradur, Evolon and Zeelon with Transfer Paints This technique is great for transferring single colours, designs or painted images, from paper on to any of our Lutradur, Evolon and Zeelon materials. How to use Transfer Paint for Colouring Lutradur, Evolon and Zeelon  Using transfer paint directly from the pot, roughly paint one side of A4 copier paper. One colour per sheet in your chosen colours. (Colours can be blended at the ironing stage). Allow paint to dry fully – don’t worry if the paper curls on drying it will unfurl in use. Place one paper, paint side down on […]

Lutradur and Zeelon Painted Windmills

by Ruth Morgan | June 18, 2015 | Posted in Lutradur, Zeelon

Windmills I’ve been trying to think of ways to distract my little grandson who is teething at the moment and came up with these colourful windmills. They make him smile when they whizz round in the breeze, but there’s still no sign of a tooth! Some of the windmills were made from the heaviest Zeelon and the rest using Lutradur 100 and it only takes an A4 sheet per windmill. First, I made a pattern and cut out the basic shapes and then used transfer paints to add a variety of colours before assembling the windmills by simply using […]

Gift Ideas for Mothers Day

by Ruth Morgan | March 1, 2015 | Posted in Evolon, Lutradur, Zeelon

Bunting – Acrylic Painted Lutradur 100     Lavender Sachets – Transfer Painted Zeelon Light and Lutradur 30   Brush or Pen Pot – Transfer Painted Lutradur 100 with Soldered Design   Make-up Brush Holder – Transfer Painted Lutradur 100 (with soldering design) Transfer Painted Evolon Flowers     Equipment – Empty Spice Jar and Pringle Box, Lutradur 100, Evolon, Transfer Paints, Brush and Soldering Iron.   

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