Flowers by Wendy Cotterill – Textile Art Teacher

Wendy began her career in the fashion industry as a designer, pattern cutter and tutor before developing an interest in broader textile related subjects.  She is now a teacher of textile art and regularly exhibits her work.

Approximately nine simple purple flowers made up of four or five petals attached to fine copper wire stems.

Delicate Zeelon flowers on fine copper fuse wire stems

For these purple flowers, Wendy printed a sheet of petal shapes to use as a template.  She then took a small piece of Zeelon Medium and fitted it into an embroidery hoop,  before painting the Zeelon with watercolours and leaving it to dry.  By placing the painted Zeelon over the paper template of petals, Wendy was able to cut out several shapes with a craft soldering iron, using the pattern beneath as a cutting guide. To add extra texture, the soldering iron was dabbed on to the petals to form small holes.  
Approximately ten green flowers set on a white canvas and placed in a symmetrical pattern to form a piece of wall art.

Green Zeelon flowers form a stylish piece of wall art

This canvas of green flowers was made in a similar way to the purple flowers above. The petals were painted in various shades of green and allowed to dry and then painted with small dabs of purple. The flowers were then used to adorn a small canvas as a wall piece, by placing the petals in a symmetrical pattern and securing them to the canvas with small blobs of silicone glue , (although they could also be attached with small stitches and beads if preferred). Green flower template.

We hope to be featuring more of Wendy’s work, during the coming weeks. In the meantime, you can see the full range of our fabrics by visiting our online shop.


by Ruth Morgan | June 17, 2016 | Posted in Zeelon