Zeelon – available in THREE different weights

Three pieces of Zeelon in varying degrees of thickness, fanned out against a dark blue background.

Samples of Zeelon Light, Medium and Heavy

Do you like textile art? Have you tried working with Zeelon? Zeelon is great for creating brilliant effects, because it has a soft, smooth finish and you can see through it. At first, you might think it looks like Lutradur, but because of its much finer fibres it has a more even appearance and the drape effect of a conventional cloth. Just like Lutradur, Zeelon will not tear or fray and is very strong. It can be painted, printed, dyed, sewn and also distressed. Its fine translucent properties make it great for layering or where light transmission is required. Best of all, it colours beautifully as this sample of transfer painted Zeelon Light shows to great effect!
A multicoloured 'ball' of Zeelon Light to illustrate how well it takes colour.

Transfer painting on to Zeelon produces vibrant iridescent colour, which can be intensified by bunching or folding the fabric

Free samples are available on request,  or alternatively, all three weights are available from our online shop        

by Ruth Morgan | August 21, 2017 | Posted in Zeelon