Poppies by Wendy Cotterill – Textile Art Teacher

Beautiful poppies made using Zeelon Heavy

To make the poppies, Wendy printed a paper template for the petals. She then placed a piece of Zeelon Heavy into an embroidery hoop and painted the Zeelon a lovely scarlet red. When the Zeelon was dry, she placed the hoop directly over the paper template and, keeping the hoop completely flat, carefully cut out several flowers using a soldering iron. To complete each bloom, Wendy used some black watercolour paint to dab into the centres as shown in the photograph below. A helpful tip from Wendy, is not to overload the paintbrush as Zeelon is very absorbent! If you would like to see more of Wendy’s work, you can visit her website at www.gallerytextiles.co.uk Zeelon and our other non woven fabrics can be seen and bought by visiting our online shop.

by Ruth Morgan | November 1, 2016 | Posted in Zeelon