What is Evolon?

Let us explain a little more about Evolon; Evolon is a unique microfilament fabric. Like traditional microfiber, it is soft, light and draping yet remains very strong and long lasting. This impressive microfiber is a real gift to the arts and craft world as it can be painted, cut, sewn, glued sprayed and also with its compact fiber composition, it absorbs moisture, remains breathable and dry’s very quickly. Being strong, light weight, and anti-wrinkle, Evolon is “the” new printing media, with a unique matt artistic look and textile drape. Evolon stands in line with regulations for interior fire retardant materials; it also has very high UV protection. The makeup of this new innovative fabric can also absorb sound. It seems that the usage of this product is endless. Due to its uninterrupted process, from the raw material to the fabric, Evolon, was recently publicised at one of the “Textiles: Material for the Future” Exhibition it can achieve in several minutes what the traditional textile industry can only do in several weeks. Hence reducing the impact of waste on the environment, being gentle on our fragile ecosystem. Resource:http://www.evolon.com So what are you waiting for. Try it for free today!!! Visit our facebook page – LIKE us – Then click on the free sample tab – we will even pay the postage.  

by Ruth Morgan | July 6, 2014 | Posted in Evolon