Using Lutradur

As you can appreciate we’re very interested in using Lutradur in all kinds of fiber arts and we thought we would like to know what others are doing. So we explored the net and found this forum whereby people were talking about their experiences with Lutradur. Perhaps some of you would like to comment below and tell us about your experiences. Cheryl said she painted the Lutradur with Golden acrylic paints and by covering the surface, it bleeds into the fabric, she then took a heat gun and burned some holes in it. Using a heat stylus to cut out a window in the centre. The edges that were burned curled up. She then stitched the Lutradur to the centre. Jody had just finished making a Lutradur journal. She took 2 layers of Lutrador and painted them with a set of colour paints. The 1st layer she painted yellow. The 2nd she painted dark blue and brown. She then took the blue/brown layer and burned a moon and shaft of wheat into it with a soldering iron. She then free-motion stitched the 2 layers together and backed them with a piece of fabric. She has also tried burning the lutrador with a heat gun too both before and after stitching and it gives some pretty cool techniques. Beverley added ‘If you want very straight lines, then put your lutradur or whatever fabric on something which won’t melt – I have a piece of chipboard (wood) take a metal ruler, must be metal, and draw along the edge with the iron, much like using a pencil. The metal ruler will absorb the heat of course, so be careful – but you can cut or mark-make very straight lines’. Lorraine recently used some lutradur in her collage pieces. She tried spray dyeing it at first but the dye just seeps into the material too much. She then used acrylic paints through stencils and dry brushing for a better result. It looks great layered over material or old books and cut with a fabric master heat tool or 18w soldering iron. Heidi has used lutradur in several ways. She’s a photographer, so by printing her designs on it after coating it with Golden’s Digital Grounds. She then incorporated the printed lutradur into hanging art pieces. Thank you to you all. Source: Quilting daily

by Ruth Morgan | July 5, 2014 | Posted in Lutradur