Valentine Bunting made from Lutradur

Valentine bunting made of Lutradur 100 and then painted red and black in letters making the phrase 'be my Valentine'

Valentine’s Day bunting, made using Lutradur 100 and painted

Lutradur Love letters . . . straight to your Valentine’s heart

Lutradur bunting is really quick and easy to make as it does not tear or fray. Simply decide on your message, maybe you’d like to include your partner’s name, or even pop The Question?! Cut the required number of flags from a piece of Lutradur 100gms,  then paint with acrylic paint and leave to dry. (Our flags measure 11.5cms wide and 13cms long and each letter is approximately 5cms high). As you can see from the photo, we used black painted flags embellished with red hearts to separate the words and create a contrast. Then print the individual letters of your message from your computer and cut them out to make paper templates. Trace around the templates on to the Lutradur and carefully cut out and paint as required, before attaching the letters to the flags using glue or adhesive craft dots. We used tiny pegs to fasten the flags to some black ribbon, but they could be machine stitched or even glued to the ribbon if preferred. You can order Lutradur, by visiting our online shop.          

by Ruth Morgan | February 9, 2016 | Posted in Lutradur