Evolon Embellished Draught Excluder

IMG_1730B ‘Home is where the Heart is’ – Draught Excluder

Dark blue draught excluder embellised with transfer painted Evolon lettering 'Home is where the Heart is' in shades of green, yellow and orange. A red heart shape replaces the 'o' in Home and the 'r' in Heart.

Keep the chill out this winter with a colourful draught excluder

Love maybe in the air this February . . . but no-one likes a draught!

The recent windy weather (and the cool breeze around my feet!) prompted me to make this colourful draught excluder using a remnant of blue cloth. The letters and hearts are cut from a piece of Evolon, and then coloured using transfer paints. Evolon is ideal for this sort of decoration as it does not tear or fray, which makes it really quick and easy to work with. To make the lettering, simply print the words from your computer. (I used a font called Marker Felt size 200pt for the words ‘Home’ and ‘Heart’ and reduced the size to 125pt for the rest of the text.) After carefully cutting them out, use the paper letters as templates, to trace them on to the Evolon. Of course, with Valentine’s Day fast approaching the lettering could represent the names of a happy couple or another slogan or saying of your choice for that personal touch. An ideal gift to keep someone you love warm and toastie this winter! To order Evolon, please visit our online shop.    

by Ruth Morgan | February 4, 2016 | Posted in Evolon