‘Shoreline’ by Sylvia Stead (using Lutradur)

Light grey cloth background with row of limpet type shells, wrapped in orange, white and green silk thread, randomly spread across the central section. The shells rest on a foam of Lutradur 100, which has been coloured with light green acrylic paint and punctured with small holes created with a soldering iron. A spray of small red discs which resemble acorn cups, decorate the top right section of the piece.
‘Shoreline’ by Sylvia Stead

Sylvia created this lovely representation of the sea shore, by incorporating two weights of Lutradur.

The pale green ‘foam’ was made from Lutradur 100, coloured with acrylic paint and perforated with holes using a soldering iron. Whereas, she used Lutradur 30 (a much lighter weight) to provide additional texture.

The piece is complemented with real seashells covered in a variety of coloured silk threads.

You can see more beautiful images of Sylvia’s work by visiting – https://www.instagram.com/sewinstead/

by Ruth Morgan | May 21, 2021 | Posted in Lutradur