Butterflies using Lutradur

We made these colourful butterflies by following an origami pattern and using Lutradur 30gsm (the finest Lutradur we supply).

Although Lutradur is very strong, it has a lovely translucent quality, making it ideal for projects requiring a delicate finish.

We used transfer paints to colour the Lutradur and, of course, all sorts of additional decoration could be applied, such as free-style machine stitching, sequins, etc.

A brightly coloured blue butterfly with an orange body, black legs and antennae resting on a white table.
Notice how the Lutradur fibres look similar to the veins of a butterfly’s wings.

These butterflies could be used to make a colourful display or maybe a mobile . . .

by Ruth Morgan | August 18, 2021 | Posted in Lutradur