‘Forest Floor’ using Lutradur by Karen Lane

Karen made this intricate and beautifully detailed piece of work as a sample for her Forest Floor Workshop – a fun two-day event using Lutradur and other materials.

Close up photograph of textiles used to create the appearance of a forest floor. i.e. fallen leaves, tree bark, moss and seeds. Subtle shades of light orange, green and lilac along with wispy textures have been used to make a very realistic piece of work.
Forest Floor by Karen Lane – close up image 1

Techniques include painting, use of heat guns, soldering irons, plus hand and machine stitching.

Close up photograph of main image, showing bright green moss and partially decomposed leaves, all made from yarn and non woven fabric.
Forest Floor by Karen Lane – close up image 2

Karen says she used painted, heat-distressed and stitched Lutradur 70gsm to create the leaves and various yarns and hand embroidery for the mossy forest floor.

The fallen tree bark is painted and heat distressed Tyvek, again hand embroidered and the whole thing has been sewn on to Calico, before mounting on a canvas. Size 32cms x 28cms.

The following four images are examples of work created by a few of Karen’s students, as a result of her workshop . . .

If you would like to see other examples and learn more about Karen’s work, please visit her website –www.lincsinstitches.com

by Ruth Morgan | April 30, 2021 | Posted in Lutradur