Scissor Sleeve

Having seen scissor sleeves for sale in haberdasheries and at craft fairs, we thought we would have a go at making our own using Evolon.

This is one of those projects where it is much easier to show photos of how an item was made, rather than try to explain!

  1. Using our largest pair of scissors as a guide, we created a template and, after experimenting by making a few adjustments to the angles, we were eventually able to fold the card so that the top edges of both pockets were parallel.
    Large pair of scissors positioned on cardboard template for scissor sleeve.

    Not sure how anyone would describe this shape, but it works!

  2. When we were happy with our template, we cut two ‘mirrored’ pieces of Evolon, one for the outer layer and one for the lining.  We love marbling with Evolon, so we used a marbling kit from Marbling 4 Fun to colour the exterior and transfer paint to colour the interior.
  3. The two pieces were then machine stitched together, before being folded into position and secured in place with more machine stitching.
4. It wasn’t long before we had completed our first scissor sleeve . . .
Completed scissor sleeve, containing large purple scissors with small red pair lying across the top.

The folds highlight the different colouring techniques and create a pretty contrast.

5. So we made another!        

by Ruth Morgan | May 24, 2019 | Posted in Evolon