Night Lights by Kate Findlay

Charming night lights created by Kate Findlay

This is the first time we have featured any of Kate’s work on our website, but hopefully not the last! Kate is a full-time artist/maker in textiles, who runs workshops and gives talks to textile groups. She produces a wide variety of work, and has previously made a great number of art quilts based on the Large Hadron Collider, but nowadays makes collaged textile pictures using hand dyed fabrics, taking her inspiration from the British countryside. To see the full range of Kate’s fabulous art, why not visit her website . You won’t be disappointed!
Three cylindrical night lights made from Lutradur 100.

Night lights in daylight

Kate found that Lutradur 100gsm worked best for these little lights, which she decorated with Markal sticks and Inktense blocks, followed by freemotion machine stitching. She bought e-textile components and stitched a LED into a small circuit with a switch and battery, but says she could have used a battery powered candle as an alternative. We thinks these lights are a shining example (excuse the pun!) of the extraordinary properties of Lutradur – it’s semi-translucent structure allows light to pass through, yet it is extremely strong and pliable, easy to cut and colour, does not fray and can be distressed to produce delicate designs effects. A great choice for many types of projects!
Three cylindrical night lights. A landscape in subtle shades of blue and green with bare silver birch type trees in the foreground, another with pale orange buildings in front of a dark blue sky, and finally a scene of purple mountains with leafless trees.

The colours appear deeper and more vivid in the dark


by Ruth Morgan | May 16, 2019 | Posted in Lutradur