Lavender Sachets

If you have any lavender in your garden and would like to retain its lovely summer fragrance, why not make these delightful lavender sachets?

We made these little bags using Zeelon Light which, although very delicate in appearance, is really strong. We also liked the fact that Zeelon is semi-transparent, allowing the lavender inside to be seen (as shown on the photograph above).

Zeelon is only available in white, yet colours beautifully with transfer paints, which we used to create the ‘dotty’ designs and vivid background colours of violet, scarlet, yellow and lime.

Also, due to our simple design (and the fact that Zeelon does not fray), there was no sewing involved!

To make

  1. Cut the Zeelon Light into 21cms x 21cms squares and colour with transfer paints.
  2. Place the lavender in the centre of the square.
  3. Tie with fine satin ribbon, pulling out the corners of the square to form pretty ‘pointy’ bits.

For instructions on how to use transfer paints, please see our video

by Ruth Morgan | July 9, 2019 | Posted in Zeelon