Mothers’ Day Cards using Lutradur

There’s still time to make a lovely personalised card for your Mum . . .

Lutradur is ideal for card making as it can be painted, stitched, dyed and also printed. Our cards have been decorated with heart shapes cut out of Lutradur 70 and Lutradur 100. Pink acrylic paint was used to colour the Lutradur 70, while all the words and messages have been printed on to Lutradur 100 (which is slightly thicker) using an ink jet printer. So why not show your Mum just how creative you can be!  
Tall purple card decorated with three hearts, decorated with printed text, free machine stitching and tiny beads.

Delicate machine embroidery and tiny beads give this card a very feminine touch

Pink heart with white heart shaped printed centre panel, with pink hanging ribbon and decorated with machine embroidery and tiny beads

Hanging heart filled with fibre wadding and dried lavender

by Ruth Morgan | March 8, 2018 | Posted in Lutradur