Little Women made with Evolon Soft

Two little Evolon dolls with wool for hair, ribbon and beads for legs and shoes. Each holding a brown heart shaped button.

Best friends keeping each other company!

To make our little maids –

1. Cut keyhole shape pieces out of Evolon Soft (two per doll). 2. Colour the cut pieces with transfer paint to give the dolls their colourful dresses. (For instructions on how to do this, please see our video) 3. To add a design, paint a pattern using transfer paints on to a piece of paper and leave to dry. 4. Overprint the base colour with this design by using a warm iron (same method as for the base colour). 5. Sew on tiny beads for the eyes, a stitch or two for the mouth and a special button for a bag. 6. Place the two main pieces together and incorporate ribbon and beads for the arms and legs. 7. Machine stitch around the outer edge, sandwiching some soft wadding in between. 8. Finish off with a top knot of woolly hair – the more bizarre the better!
Three keyhole shapes of Evolon Soft, one plain white, one yellow and one yellow overprinted with a leopard print design

Different stages of colouring the Evolon Soft

As Evolon Soft does not fray, there is no need for hemming, which means these little characters are quick and easy to make.
Four sheets of paper, all painted with transfer paints, one plain yellow and three designs

Four sheets of paper which have been coloured with transfer paints – one plain yellow and three with designs


by Ruth Morgan | March 7, 2018 | Posted in Evolon