Chinese New Year of the Dog – Craft Ideas with Evolon

Square pale pink card decorated with two Scottie type dogs made of marbled Evolon, with thin purple and gold ribbon collars and leads.

Some purple and gold ribbon, a couple of glass beads and our little Scotties are ready for a walk!

Cards, key fobs and handbag charms . . .

As 16th February marks the beginning of the Chinese New Year of the Dog, we thought we would celebrate the occasion with some little doggies of our own. Using the remainder of our marbled Evolon (please see earlier blog) a blank card and some key rings, we created an assortment of gift ideas. We hope you like them . . .
Scottie type dog key fob made of marbled Evolon Soft, decorated with a collar of blue beads.

A colourful and distinctive fob will help locate your keys . . .

Navy handbag with Scottie dog charm made of marbled Evolon, decorated with a collar of pale blue beads.

Why not personalise your bag with a charm or two?


by Ruth Morgan | February 16, 2018 | Posted in Evolon