How to use Zeelon to make Lavender Sachets

Zeelon Light – Transfer Painted Lavender Sachets

Zeelon Light delicately coloured in shades of purple, lime and red tied with contrasting ribbon to form attractive parcels of Lavender.

Lavender bags made using Zeelon Light, transfer printed.

I decided I would make some lavender sachets for gifts, but wanted to move away from the traditional cotton style of bags – fancying a different look. New to me was a material called Zeelon – which looked interesting. The lightest version was really strong and semi-transparent and I thought it might be novel to see the lavender through the material. There was no sewing involved, due to the simple design and the fact that Zeelon does not fray. Although only available in white, it colours very easily with transfer paints. Materials Zeelon Light Dried lavender Satin ribbon Copier paper Transfer paints and brushes Scissors Iron How to use Zeelon to make Lavender Sachets
  • Cut the Zeelon into 21cms x 21cms squares and colour in shades of violet, scarlet, yellow and lime (for instructions on how to do this, see our Blog) – How to Transfer Colours on to Lutradur, Evolon and Zeelon
  • Finish the sachet by placing the lavender in the centre of the square.
  • Tie with fine satin ribbon, pulling out the corners of the square to form pretty ‘pointy’ bits.
I am sure I will be using this fabric and these techniques for future projects. I was delighted that the combination of the smooth fabric and the transfer paints produced an attractive and iridescent material.   You can obtain all 3 weights of Zeelon from our online shop  

by Ruth Morgan | September 17, 2015 | Posted in Zeelon