Evolon Snowmen

Snowman made using Evolon, painted face and small carrot shaped nose, wearing a painted green cap

How to Make Snowmen using Evolon

IMG_1530A Three Snowmen all made using Evolon, with painted faces, orange coloured noses, and painted plastic hats

Family group of Snowmen all made of Evolon, with painted faces, orange noses and coloured hats

These little snowmen are fun, inexpensive and simple to make and can be illuminated with LED tea lights for an extra touch of Christmas magic. Easy enough for the kids to make, as there is no sewing involved, and can be decorated and painted in all sorts of ways. Evolon is ideal for this project as it is a white flexible fabric, yet strong enough to support itself and has the added bonus of allowing light to pass through (if you want to place them over an LED tea light).  

Here’s what you will need –

Evolon Acrylic paints Ribbon for decoration Liquid soap dispenser – one per snowman (to cut down to create the hats) Battery operated tea lights – optional (available from Hobbycraft, Wilkinson’s etc) Scissors Paintbrush Sellotape or stapler Black biro to draw the eyes and mouth

Here’s how –

  1. All the snowmen are made from rectangles of Evolon approximately 18cms wide. To make the tallest of the three snowmen, cut a rectangle approximately 18cms x 12cms high. To make the lady snowman, the Evolon needs to be 18cms x 9cms high and for the boy snowman, 18cms x 6cms high.
  2. Roll the cut Evolon lengthways into a cylinder shape, allowing for some of the material to overlap and carefully mark and cut a small hole (approximately 6mm in diameter) in each rectangle in the position of the nose.
  3. Using a black biro, draw the eyes and mouth around the hole for the nose and secure your snowman’s body by either stapling the edges together or using sellotape.
  4. To make the carrot noses, cut out a semicircle of Evolon, approximately 6cms in diameter and colour using orange acrylic (or transfer) paint. When dry curl into a little cone shape and poke through the hole to form the carrot nose, leaving enough of the cone on the inside so that the nose is wedged snugly in place.
  5. Next, make the hat by cutting down one of the soap dispensers to form the crown of the hat and then cut a circle of Evolon for the rim (or a peak if making a cap) and paint both in your chosen colour and leave to dry.
  6. Finally decorate your snowmen with coloured ribbon for scarves, or maybe glitter on their hats for added sparkle.
  7. And, of course, they can be illuminated by putting LED tea lights inside for added effect.
Merry Christmas from all at Spunart! To order Evolon visit our online shop Tel: 01332 554610  

by Ruth Morgan | November 24, 2015 | Posted in Evolon