Evolon Angels

White Evolon Angel

How to Make Angels using Evolon

AngelPeace   These little Evolon angels can be used to decorate a Christmas tree or to hold place names at the dinner table, or just to bring their own messages of goodwill at this festive time of year. Evolon is ideal for this project as it is a white flexible fabric, yet strong enough to support itself.

Here’s what you will need –

Evolon Wooden clothes pegs – one per angel Ribbon for decoration Fuse or thin silver garden wire Small fluted pastry cutter Sellotape or stapler Scissors

Here’s how –

  1. First, take a clothes peg and form a halo by winding two coils of wire into a circle so that they overlap. (You can use a broom handle to achieve a consistent size). Remember to leave long ends so there is sufficient wire to wrap around the neck of the peg to hold the halo in position and also long enough to form the arms. Then fold over the ends of the wire arms to form little hands.
  2. Cut a semicircle of Evolon approximately 24cms in diameter to make the dress and wrap around the peg. You will find you will need to cut away some of the material around the neck so that it fits snugly and hangs correctly. Once in place, the dress can be stapled at the back to hold it in position.
  3. Then draw the wings to your chosen design and cut from another piece of Evolon and decorate as desired (maybe with small random holes, like our Angel of Peace, or small cuts like our Angel of Hope). Alternatively, you may like to use glitter or sequins to add a touch of sparkle. You could also paint a design using acrylic paints.  When decorated attach to the back of the Angel’s dress.
  4. Using a small fluted pastry cutter as a pattern, draw and cut out a collar and position around the neck of the Angel.
  5. We decorated our angels with a strip of fine silver ribbon around the base of each dress and also between their hands, so they can display their messages which we simply printed.
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by Ruth Morgan | December 3, 2015 | Posted in Evolon