Daffodils for St David’s Day (in Evolon)

St David – or Dewi Sant in Welsh – was born on the south-west coast of Wales, near to where the city of St David’s is today. Each year, Welsh people mark the anniversary of his death (1st March) by wearing one or both of Wales’ national emblems – a daffodil and a leek.

To make our daffodils, we coloured some pieces of Evolon with transfer paints in pale lemon, golden yellow and orange and then drew round fluted pastry cutters of various sizes to create the basic flower shape. We then cut towards the centre of each circle to create six individual petals (as shown below) and by placing a smaller circle of petals within a larger set, we were able to achieve a lovely double bloom effect.

A semi-circle of coloured Evolon, rolled into a conical shape formed the trumpet section of each daffodil.

We joined our flowers together by cutting a small hole through the centre of the circle of petals and pushing the trumpet piece through until it fitted snugly. A few green garden sticks provided the stems and a dab of glue and a some thread ensured everything stayed in place!

Picture of the materials used to make our daffodils, i.e. three white plastic fluted pastry cutters, a pencil, pair of orange handled scissors, yellow, orange and white pieces of Evolon and some green garden sticks. A finished daffodil can be seen in the centre of the photograph.

We made each daffodil in a different colour combination, to achieve several individual designs . . .

A close up photograph of home made daffodils in a variety of styles, sizes and different colour combinations of yellow, white and orange.

Dydd Gŵyl Dewi Hapus (dee-the goil De-wi ha-peece) – Happy St David’s Day!

by Ruth Morgan | February 19, 2021 | Posted in Evolon