Draught Excluder in Evolon

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching and so many of us spending more time indoors, why not show your home some Love with a colourful draught excluder?

We used a piece of Evolon (which had previously been dyed a gorgeous shade of dark blue) to make the basic sausage shape and then, using our computer, printed the text using a bold type face. We chose a font called Marker Felt size 200pt for ‘Home’ and ‘Heart’, but reduced the size to 125pt for the rest of the words. 

The word 'Home' where the 'o' is represented by a red heart shape. The 'H' and the 'e' are bright green and the 'm' is coloured yellow.  All placed on a dark blue background.
Home – the sweetest place on earth!

After carefully cutting out the letters, we drew round them on to some more Evolon, which we coloured with red, green and yellow transfer paints. (Evolon is ideal for this sort of project as it does not fray or tear and colours really well).

Two hearts made of Evolon. One red and one lime green on a dark blue background. The red heart is resting on top and overlaps the lime green heart.
Two hearts!

We then arranged and attached the letters using some clear adhesive, before completing our draught excluder by machine stitching it together and filling.

Of course, this could be an ideal gift to keep someone you love warm and toastie this winter! 
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by Ruth Morgan | February 5, 2021 | Posted in Evolon