Lutradur Artwork by Sheila Dalgleish

Sheila is an accomplished Textile Artist, who has kindly contributed to our website on several occasions. We are delighted to bring you three more examples of her work, as pictured below –

An abstract picture of light grey mounds of Lutradur, against a purple and blue background. Lots of wave type shapes have been cut out of the Lutradur to show the blue, green and purple background behind. Rows of brightly coloured stitching enhance the curved lines of the hills.
Beinn na Moine by Sheila Dalgleish

Sheila tells us that Beinn na Moine is a rocky hillside on the island of Barra. To create this piece of work, she applied a fusible to the Lutradur and then drew the areas she wanted to cut out, before using a sharp pair of scissors to remove the unwanted material. She then fused the Lutradur on to the background fabric, carefully choosing where and how the cut out sections were positioned. A bit of stitching, plus an injection of some small pieces of bright colour helped to complete the scene.

A mottled mid-green background covered with masses of wavy machine stitching, super imposed with a wide pale green ribbon of seaweed. Thin pale blue branches of weed, together with pale pink coral shapes and plain white strands of seaweed complete the picture.
Rock Pool Forest by Sheila Dalgleish

For the Rock Pool Forest, Sheila painted the Lutradur with a thinly diluted solution of acrylic paint, cut it into the shapes of the seaweed and then fused them to the background before completing the work with plenty of machine stitching.

A delicate picture representing the foam and waves of the sea, in soft shades of green, pink, blue and purple. Lots of round bubble  shapes have been machine stitched on the surface.
Waves by Sheila Dalgleish

To create Waves, Sheila enlarged a photograph and traced the shapes of the waves, cutting them out of the Lutradur, before fusing them to the background. By using two different weights of Lutradur, cutting back various sections and also applying net to the picture, she was able to create this lovely artwork. Lots of machine stitching helped to complete the picture.

We think they are all beautiful.

by Ruth Morgan | March 5, 2021 | Posted in Lutradur