Zeelon Ghosts for Halloween

These ghostly apparitions were made using Zeelon Light – an ideal fabric for this type of project as it is translucent and beautifully sheer.

We began by dipping strips of Zeelon Light in a diluted solution of PVA glue, before draping them over a proforma, made up of a plastic bottle, a small ball for the head and garden wire arms.

To give extra height to our ghost, we stood the model on a couple of paint tins.

We applied the Zeelon strips all over the proforma until it was completely covered and left the glue to dry. To achieve a more bedraggled, torn appearance, we used a soldering iron to melt and distress the loose ends.

Our proforma (a plastic bottle, ping pong ball for the head and green plastic wire for the arms) covered in strips of white Zeelon Light and standing on two tins of paint. A paintbrush, carton of glue and a paint tray are situated on the right hand side of the model.
Work in progress!
A close up photograph of a soldering iron being used to distress the ends of the Zeelon to give a torn, bedraggled appearance tot the ghost.
A soldering iron distressing the ends
Our white ghost, with his long arms outstretched in mid air (although he is actually sellotaped to a window!)
Our phantom looking eerily spooky!

After removing our ghost from its stand, we used the soldering iron to form two eye sockets and a mouth. We then positioned some paper (coloured with red and black ink), behind the charred eye sockets to give the appearance of a pair of very blurry blood shot eyes!

If you have any questions, about this or any other of our projects, please do not hesitate to contact us.

by Ruth Morgan | October 12, 2023 | Posted in Zeelon