Evolon Roses for Valentines Day

Why not add a touch of romance to your Valentine’s Day by making these lovely Evolon roses

Evolon is a white non-woven material which is ideal for crafting as it colours well, does not tear or fray and holds its shape beautifully.

Our photographs show how the roses can be used, from a single symbolic stem, to a simple centre piece or to decorate a card.

Two large unlit cream candles, of differing heights standing side by side. The taller one is on the right.
At the base of the candles are four red Evolon roses and a scattering of small Evolon green leaves.
Randomly placed roses and a few Evolon leaves add a touch of romance to this table setting
A square red corrugated card with a square aperture in the middle out of which an Evolon rose has been placed, attached to a spiral of thin green garden wire and three green leaves. To the left of the card is a brown paper envelope with a white heart bearing the words 'Loved you then, Love you still, Always have, Always will XXX'
The variations of colour intensity on this rose, gives it a natural and interesting appearance

How to Make the Rose Petals

  1. Colour some Evolon (or Evolon Soft) with either acrylic or red transfer paint 
  2. Cut out a series of ‘balloon’ shapes to make the petals, i.e. a softly curved top edge, narrowing to a point at the base. We used 5 or 7 petals in gradually decreasing sizes to make one rose.
  3. Start by rolling the smallest petal into a tight curl and sew through the base to hold it in position, then add the next largest petal, pinching it at the bottom to form a natural looking fold and sewing it to the previous petal and so on, until the largest petal is secured to the flower.
  4. Once the roses are complete the petals can be arranged, tweaked and folded back to make them appear even more realistic.

You can, of course, add sepals and leaves to each rose by colouring some Evolon with green acrylic or transfer paint. We also used some thin garden wire to represent the stems.

These roses will last a lot longer than the fresh variety!

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by Ruth Morgan | February 4, 2022 | Posted in Evolon