Lutradur Leaves, Flowers, Brooch & Bowl !

These photographs have been sent in to us by Elizabeth and Lynn from Kidderminster, who attended a ‘Fun with Lutradur’ session at their local Craft Club. The Group used Lutradur 70gsm and 100gsm to make a selection of leaves and flowers.
(The leaves were made from Lutradur 70gsm and the flowers from 100gsm)

Two ladies sitting at a large table, with plastic stencils, pens and paintbrushes in view. One lady is holding up a sheet of Lutradur, which has been coloured in various shades of green.

First, they prepared the Lutradur with colour (Inktense pencils and paints), before stencilling their chosen design on to the fabric.

A photograph of a pair of ladies hands, painting a piece of Lutradur. She is holding a bottle of green paint in her left hand and a paintbrush in her right. She has painted a random selection of orange, yellow and green splodges.

They then used free machine embroidery to define the outline of their images and also to create veins and texture. (As Lutradur is a strong fabric that does not fray, it was possible to cut out the shapes leaving the minimum of margins).

For added interest, the leaves and flowers were then distressed using a heatgun, which melted the Lutradur away, leaving a framework of machine stitching.

Lynn made a charming rustic bowl, decorated with leaves and flowers and Elizabeth made a gorgeous brooch to wear on her denim jacket!

by Ruth Morgan | September 6, 2023 | Posted in Lutradur