Winter Hedge by Sian Kibblewhite

Sian has recently sent us these images of some of her most recent work, where she has used Lutradur for the uppermost layer.

The close up picture above shows just how beautifully Sian has managed to capture frost glistening in the moonlight.

In her own words, Sian describes how she has achieved these impressive results – “The base fabric has been space dyed, then further embellished with a Lutradur moon and further layered with silk screened cow parsley images using xpandaprint 3D medium on medium weight Lutradur.  The Lutradur whilst heated has created a lacey effect and the xpandaprint a  3D effect.  All these additional layers have been attached by free machine embroidery.”
Frost covered undergrowth in shades of white, blue and grey, against mauve and crimson sky lit by a full moon.

Winter Hedge

Purple and blue background with white, grey, blue and black undergrowth in the foreground, lit by a full moon sparsely covered with light cloud.

Winter Hedge – Wall Hanging

by Ruth Morgan | January 31, 2019 | Posted in Lutradur