Lutradur and Zeelon Windmills


A Great Idea for Transfer Painted Lutradur & Zeelon Heavy

Picture of six brightly coloured two-tone windmills arranged in a large earthenware pot.

An attractive and imaginative display to enhance any patio or garden!

I’d been trying to think of ways to distract our little grandson who is teething at the moment and I came up with these colourful windmills. They make him smile when they whizz round in the breeze, but there’s still no sign of a tooth!

Some of these windmills were made from the heaviest Zeelon and the rest using Lutradur 100. It  only takes one A4 sheet of either fabric to make each windmill. The template was made by copying a design off the internet (approximately 12cms x 12cms), Two sets of sails were cut for each windmill and then coloured using transfer paints, before being folded and nailed together to a thin piece of dowelling. A small fluted pastry cutter and a 10p piece provided the patterns for the centres. Although the Zeelon produced more vibrant colours, the windmills made from Lutradur did seem to hold their shape better. Also, since neither material will absorb water, these windmills can be left outside to decorate a garden, or add a splash of extra colour to a planter or window box even when its raining! You can see our range of Zeelon and Lutradur by visiting our online shop.  

by Ruth Morgan | May 31, 2016 | Posted in Lutradur, Zeelon