Valentine Cards with Evolon Soft

Evolon is ideal for colouring using a Marbling Kit

We were so delighted with the results we achieved colouring Evolon with our Marbling Kit from Marbling Art Originals Ltd. (please see our previous blog for details), we decided to make some cards for Valentine’s Day. As Evolon is a very smooth and uniform fabric, the paint takes to it beautifully and provides superb definition of colour and clarity of design, even with the most intricate patterns. We think its even better than painting on to a traditional (woven) material.

Evolon for Card Making

For the card pictured below, we cut two heart shaped pieces of our marbled Evolon and carefully machine stitched them together with a small amount of wadding sandwiched in between to provide shape and added interest. As Evolon does not fray, no other sewing or neatening was required. We then added some small bugle beads and a thin strand of ribbon to complete our card.  
Square white card with dark blue ribbon placed down the left hand side. Intricately patterned lightly padded heart in the centre, decorated with a strand of turquoise bugle beads at the top.

Just look at the detail on this little heart – it’s so pretty!

Quick to make!

For those with no time to sew, this simple Evolon heart is stunning in its simplicity, although it would be easy to add more decorations if required.
Deep pink card with cut out centre panel, inset with small multi-coloured Evolon heart.

We were able to colour co-ordinate our design with our card


by Ruth Morgan | February 12, 2018 | Posted in Evolon