Snowman Family (in Evolon)

Three cylindrical little snowmen all made from Evolon, with drawn on faces, orange pointy noses and coloured hats.

Three snowmen of varying heights. The tallest is wearing a tartan ribbon scarf and black bowler hat, the middle one's hat is orangey brown and has a small yellow and orange flower on the brim. The smallest snowman is wearing a dark green cap, set at an angle. All have eyes, eyebrows and mouths, drawn on with a black biro and small carrot type noses.
Three seasonal characters to raise a smile this Christmas

These little snowmen have been made from rectangular pieces of Evolon (20cms wide), which have been curled up into cylindrical shapes and stapled in position. They range in height from 6cms, 9cms to 12cms and are very quick and easy to make.

Simply cut a small hole in the position of the nose (approximately 6mm in diameter) and, using a black biro, draw on some eyes and a friendly smile. Then colour a semicircle of Evolon (6cms in diameter) with acrylic paint, before rolling into a cone shape to form a carrot nose.

A white rectangle of Evolon with a small hole cut in the centre, (in the position of the nose) surrounded by two little black eyes and a smile. Also a small semicircle of orange painted Evolon, a paintbrush, black biro and a clear plastic ruler showing the measurement of the Evolon.
The basics for our simple ‘no sew’ snowman

Push the nose through the hole until it fits snugly and stays in place and then decorate your snowman to give him (or her) their own personality!

To make the crown of each hat, we cut down three ball type plastic soap dispensers (the sort you put in your washing machine), and trimmed them with a circle of Evolon for the brims (or peak for the cap) before colouring with acrylic paint.

A blue liquid soap dispenser (the type used in automatic washing machines), a pair of large scissors with orange handles, pictured with some tubes of green and black acrylic paints, paintbrush standing in a plastic cup of water, mixing tray, plus the little green cap, the hat with the flower and the bowler with the crown and rim shown separately.
Soap dispensers were the perfect shape and size to cut down into little hats!

We foundĀ Evolon was an ideal choice for this project as it is pliable, yet stiff enough to support itself and, like all our fabrics, it does not fray. Maybe something for the children to make in the Christmas holidays?

by Ruth Morgan | November 25, 2020 | Posted in Evolon