Poppies by Vivienne Challans (using Zeelon)

Vivienne decided to make these beautiful poppies in support of Remembrance Day. She chose Zeelon (a lovely lightweight sheer fabric) for the petals, which she coloured using heat transfer dye. Zeelon gives exceptionally good results when coloured using this method, as can be seen by the rich vibrant red of the poppies.

By holding the petals with a pair of silicone tongs, Vivienne then gently softened the edges using the heat from a candle (being careful to be in a well ventilated room).

After putting a little fold in the petals and arranging them into a natural shape, she then completed each one by sewing a black button in the centre and attaching a fabric stiffened leaf and brooch pin on the back.

Vivienne is making these poppies to raise money for the British Legion. We are sure they will be very popular and wish her every success with her fund raising.

by Ruth Morgan | November 2, 2020 | Posted in Zeelon