Printed Images on Lutradur with Lace Overlay by Heather Tilley

Image of a single honeysuckle flower in soft tones of pink and yellow against a green background, printed on flower patterned lace sewn on to Lutradur.
A creamy white domed Russian Orthodox Church against a light mauve sky with a leafless tree to the right of the foreground.
A Russian Orthodox Church
Tulips and Butterflies

These gorgeous pictures were created by Heather Tilley using sheets of lace sewn on to Lutradur and then passed through an ink jet printer. 

By covering the Lutradur with lace, the images appear ‘softened’ and where Heather has chosen lace containing a shiny thread, the pictures also have an iridescent quality.

Heather says –
“The images are from drawings and from photographs which I’ve photoshopped etc, and I’ve adjusted them mainly by using smaller sections of the originals.”

Samples of the lace overlay

“I start by cutting a piece of net/lace slightly larger than an A4 piece of Lutradur, to provide a 1cm overlap all the way round and then pin the lace and the Lutradur together. Using a zigzag stitch, I machine close to the edge before carefully trimming the net/lace so that all four sides are straight with no protruding loose threads.”

“I keep the Lutradur and net as flat as I can under a large heavy book so that it will feed easily in the printer (and come out again!)”

Close up showing the printed and none printed areas

Tips for success –

  • A4 sheets of  Lutradur 70gsm or 100gsm work best
  • Use large clear images with plenty of colour and areas of contrast
  • It is VERY important to only use an ink-jet (not a laser printer) to avoid melting the Lutradur and damaging the printer

We think this is a very creative idea and well worth trying!

If you would like to have a go, A4 Packs of Lutradur are readily available and can be ordered via our online shop).

Artist: Heather Tilley (Heather Tilley holds the copyright for all of her designs)


by Ruth Morgan | September 20, 2019 | Posted in Lutradur