How to colour Lutradur, Evolon (or Zeelon) using Transfer Paints

An iron, bottles of transfer paints and sheets of paper which have been painted with transfer paints.

You can colour Lutradur, Evolon or Zeelon using transfer paints and a hot iron. Our short video demonstrates how easy it is to create vibrant colours.

This method of painting is a great technique for transferring single colours, designs or images from paper on to any of our fabrics.

  •  Paint a piece of paper with transfer paint directly from the pot.
    (Use one colour per sheet, as colours can be blended at the ironing stage). 
  • Allow the paint to dry thoroughly and don’t worry if the paper curls, as it will unfurl when ironed. 
  • Place the paper, paint side down on to the Lutradur, Evolon or Zeelon. 
  • Press the back of the paper with a hot dry iron to transfer the paint from the paper to the fabric. 
  • Colours can be mixed and blended by ‘over ironing’ with different coloured sheets.

A few tips!

  • Do not use a steam iron.
  • Do not allow the hot iron to come into contact with the Lutradur, Evolon or Zeelon directly, as the fabric will melt.
  • Keep the iron moving, or the shape of the iron will transfer to the material.

To create a Printed Design with Transfer Paints

  • Paint a design on a plain piece of paper (maybe some random spots, dashes or squiggles).
  • Leave to dry.
  • With the painted side facing down, iron the back of the paper and transfer your design on to your fabric.
  • Designs and images can be repeated and colours can be developed and overlaid using this creative technique.

This method of colouring has so many possibilities, why not give it a try?

Transfer paints are available from Colourcraft  (C&A) Ltd and Lutradur, Evolon and Zeelon can be found at our online shop.

by Ruth Morgan | September 6, 2019 | Posted in Evolon, Lutradur, Zeelon