Mothers Day Slippers

It’s time for Mum to put her feet up with some lovely new slippers!

We used Lutradur XL for the soles as it is our strongest and heaviest grade of Lutradur. We then chose Evolon for the lining and upper sections because it is soft to the touch and colours beautifully.
Both materials are easy to cut, machine stitch and have the added advantage that they do not fray!

1. Pattern Making/Cutting Out

  • First make a cardboard pattern for each slipper by drawing around either a shoe or slipper.
  • Using Lutradur XL, cut out 4 base shapes (2 per slipper).
  • Machine stitch the 2 pieces together to make a firm base .
  • Using the same template, cut out 2 further pieces in Evolon (one for each sole) to provide a soft lining.
  • To make the pattern for the upper section, re-draw around the toe-end of the template, to just over half the length.
  • To allow enough room for the feet, cut the top section pattern into four and fan out to approximately 20cms wide to create the upper template.
  • Templates for sole and upper section, drawn on brown card and labelled.

    For best results, put a slight curve on the cutting edge for the upper sections.

2. Colouring/Design

  • We coloured all of the Evolon linings and all (but one), of the upper sections of our slippers using Transfer Paint. The remaining example was coloured using a Marbling Kit.
  • For more information please see our video on transfer painting.
  • We also added some simple dots, dashes and wiggly line designs to decorate our slippers.
Sheets of A4 paper painted with transfer paints in yellow, green, blue and red and also with various designs, such as dots, dashes and wiggly lines.

Sheets of A4 paper coloured with transfer paints, ready for pressing on to the Evolon.

3. Sew

  • After colouring the Evolon linings and upper sections, we fastened them to the soles with paper clips to hold them in position.
  • The lining and the upper sections were then machined stitched to the base using a zigzag stitch.
Open backed slipper with plain royal blue lining and marbled upper section in shades of pink, blue and yellow, held in place with paperclips ready for machine stitching.

An example of how beautifully Evolon colours using a Marbling Kit.

Dark pink open backed slipper with lighter pink upper section, patterned with a 'droplets' design.

Pink coloured slipper with over printed transfer painted ‘droplets’ design.

4. Presentation Bag

  • To complete our gift, we used 2 x A4 pieces of Lutradur 30gsm, coloured them with transfer paints, and sewed them together to create a co-ordinating bag.
  • Sew simple!
Single open backed slipper coloured in shades of yellow and orange decorated with a very fine large orange bow. The slipper is shown placed on top of a yellow and orange coloured bag with a darker orange ribbon.

The orange bow is made of transfer painted Zeelon Light (our finest non woven fabric).

A pair of pink open backed slippers, positioned on top of a white slipper bag with a pink ribbon. Both the bag and the slippers have a 'droplet' design.

We used the same ‘droplet’ design on the bag as well as on the slippers.


by Ruth Morgan | March 14, 2019 | Posted in Evolon, Lutradur