Mothers’ Day Cards

There’s still time to make a lovely personalised card for your wonderful Mum . . .

Lutradur is ideal for card making as it can be painted, stitched, dyed and also printed. Our cards have been decorated with Lutradur 70 and 100. Pink acrylic paint was used to colour the Lutradur 70, while all the words and messages have been printed on Lutradur 100 (which is slightly thicker) using an ink jet printer. (For best results, remember to select the bold type setting).

A pink square card covered with Lutradur 100gsm which has been printed all over with the words 'Mothering Sunday' in a script font of varying sizes. In the centre of the card is a deep pink heart which has been embellished with strands of very small dark beads and zigzag rows of blue machine stitching.
Delicate machine embroidery and tiny beads provide a very feminine touch.
A tall purple card with a centre panel of Lutradur 100gsm, printed all over with the words 'Mothering Sunday' in a script font of varying sizes. A small vase has been cut from Lutradur 70, painted pink and positioned in the lower righthand corner. Inside the vase are eight straight strands of ribbon, below small 'balls' of  contrasting wound ribbon to represent flowers, in various shades of purple, mauve and pink.
Delicate ribbon flowers on contrasting stems create a colourful bouquet.

by Ruth Morgan | March 6, 2020 | Posted in Lutradur
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