Handmade Zeelon Beads

This week (bearing in mind it’s Mother’s Day next Sunday) we’ve been making beads, by rolling up strips of transfer painted Zeelon Medium . . .

We made a large selection of plain coloured straight beads (approximately 3cms wide), with a view to cutting themĀ up into smaller beads to suit a particular design or colour way.

Two long thin triangles of yellow coloured Zeelon covered with a smattering of red dots. One triangle has been covered in a trail of white glue. A crochet hook is pictured rolling up another triangle into a bead shape. Four finished beads are also present.
The colour combinations are endless!

To make bevelled beads, we cut 10 to 12 long thin triangles out of a sheet of A4 Zeelon Medium, which we had previously coloured using lemon and wine red transfer paint. We then applied some clear drying Tacky Glue all the way along the length and then, starting at the widest end, carefully wound it round the handle of a croquet hook, before leaving to dry.

Once dry, we painted the beads with Daler-Rowney Glaze Medium Gloss to give a nice finish and lustre!

A string of yellow and red patterned beads, interspersed with small plain red beads.
The sheet of paper on the left shows the dotty design created with Wine Red Transfer Paint
A necklace of straight mottled coloured brown beads on a beige leather strand.
These straight cut Zeelon beads were made from an animal print design.

So there’s still time to make your lovely Mum a bespoke necklace, bracelet or key chain!

If you have any queries or would like further information about this or any of our projects, please do not hesitate to contact us at sales@spunart.co.uk

by Ruth Morgan | March 13, 2020 | Posted in Zeelon